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1×2 PLC Splitter Steel tube Bare fiber 250um no connector

Planar Lightwave Circuit PLC Splitter is to use silica optical waveguide technology with an even split ratio from one input fiber to multiple output fibers. This Bare Fiber PLC Splitter is a 1×2 steel tube PLC splitter, with 1 input and 2 output fibers with an even split ratio across all fibers regardless of input wavelength. Bare PLC Splitters are availble with 250μm bare fiber or 900µm loose tube without connector.

Model No.: FLK-FPS-102
Steel Tube Size: 40x4x4mm
Fiber Type: SM G657.A1
Wavelength: 1260nm-1650nm
Splitter Ratio: 1×2
Fiber Diameter: Bare fiber 250um
Connector Type: No connector
Insertion Loss (dB) Max: <4.0
Uniformity (dB) Max: <0.4
PDL (dB) Max: <0.2
Directivity: 55dB
Return Loss (dB) Min: 50 (55)
Operating Temperature: -40 ~ +85°C

Power Handling: 300mW

Good uniformity and low insertion loss;
Low Polarization Dependent Loss;
High Polarization Extinction Ratio & Excellent Uniformity;
1X2 PLC splitter, uniform distribution of optical signal
Small size, with the splitter type of steel tube, bare fiber
Ideal for EPON, GPON, FTTH/FTTX network
Stability Telecordia GR-1221 and GR-1209;

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