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Standard LGX Cassette 2×8 PLC Splitter

FLK-LGX-SP208 Standard LGX Cassette 2×8 PLC Splitter provides a plug-and-play method for integration in the network, which eliminates any risks during installation. The LGX cassette splitter eliminates the need for splicing machines on the field and there is no need for skilled personnel for deployment.

Model No.: FLK-LGX-SP208
Dimension: 129×29x155x102 mm
Input: 2xLC/APC Simplex adapter
Output: 8×LC/APC Pigtails of 2.0mm (Length 1.5m)
PLC Splitter: 2×8 Micro PLC Splitter

Color of LGX box: Black or Grey

Configuration Type: 2×8 Micro PLC Splitter, LC/APC connector
Fiber type: ITU G.657A1
Operating bandwidth: 1260 – 1650nm
Standard LGX cassette design to be fit in 1RU and 4RU rack mount chassis
Wide Operating Temperature: -40 – 85°C, support industry standard applications
High reliability and stability, Telecordia GR-1221/1209 compliant

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